Twitch Angry

Is an awesome punk band out of Sacramento, California.

Their live set is second to none sharing the stage with some of Orange County's most legendary punk bands.

They have toured all over the United States and have also released an incredible debut album "Twitch

Angry" , and they are currently working on getting their next album out by this summer 2015, called "Rotten to the Core".

Some might say Twitch got lucky on his first album, but

"Rotten to the Core" has the critics saying: "It's po tentially better than his first album.

There's no getting lucky twice lightening never strikes twice in the same place.


Places Played

\WA, OR, CA, AZ, NM, TX, CO, KS, OK, AL, MS, FL, TN, MO, NV, OH, NY, NC, UT,



Bands played with

Total Chaos, Rehab, MDC, George Lynch, Damage Ink, Motograter, Fear,

Agent Orange, DI, Smut, Five Fingers of Death, Live, Loud and Heavy, Steel Stone, Jimmy Jacked,

Mentors, Global Disgust, Don't care, Bloodhook, N Comply, Instant Asshole, The Flip Offs,

Sonic Prophecy, Population O, Primer 55, Kill the Precedent, Fryed Brothers, Rogue, Savannah

Blue, Merle Jagger, Shades of Blue , Death Angel, Noise Attache from O.C., The insurgence.


In 2009/2010 Twitch Angry played over 200 shows in 3 States, and played 31 states

in a row in 2011 to 2012 in their U.S. tour supporting their album "Twitch Angry".

The CD

"Twitch Angry" has been a favorite pick for featured artist slots on national radio stations and intern

et radio and pod casts world wide.

Slowing down is not an option for Twitch Angry who

is looking to head out for his 3rd U.S. tour in September 2015, and would like to make it over

seas to support the future release of his second album, "Rotten to the Core".

How did the band name come about?

If you ask Twitch Angry how he got his name, he will

say this:"That's an easy one It's my name! Twitch, because I'm hyper Ritalin style and Angry

because I am naturally pissed off .

They are ranked

#1 in Sac on Reverb without having to pay to raise the fan list, top

60 in the country and 130 or so worldwide with fans in the four corners of the worl

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