Lance Shults AKA Twitch Angry is a hard-driven, determined, dedicated artist, who is not afraid of hard work to achieve his goals. He works 24-7. He has gone through tremendous hardships and struggles and against all odds still continues to pursue his dream. He believes in himself and his music. His music is all him and how he sees everyday situations and life in general, i.e., Uncle Sam, The Rag, Raised for Killing (about dogs bred for fighting), Caught in The Hood, San Francisco, Double Standards. He has the raw natural talent that gives him the ability to "bang out" lyrics and accompanying music in his head instantly - mostly all in a rhyming style. His backward style drumming and performance is incredible and awesome to watch. His singing performance is entertaining, to say the least. With Twitch, a Hologram would be the perfect answer – he could drum and also be the upfront singer at the same time! "You decide!" (a line from one of his songs-they always seem to come to mind!)

In addition to all of the above, he continually works to support other artists and has provided numerous opportunities for other struggling artists to be seen and promoted - even at his own expense. He is a very unselfish artist who will undoubtedly reward the good deeds and support of his fellow artist as the opportunity presents itself. 

 This is a no-nonsense, serious and dedicated artist who deserves an opportunity to get the backing he needs to help him achieve his greatest desire which is to tour the USA and Europe.



Marzariez  is  the  Enigmatic  Vocalist/Bass Player.  Like  a  Character  out of  the  Movie  Pulp Fiction He lives on The  Edge...with One Foot in This World and  The  Other in The  Next... He is an Absolutely  Ferocious  Bass Player and  Captivating  Vocalist.  Of  Egyptian Descent  Marz  Hails  From San Mateo  CA.  In The Early  80's  He became  a  Fixture  in  the  Bay Area Hard Rock  Scene  Cutting His Teeth on The Likes  of  Geezer Butler, Steve Harris, and  Gene Simmons... A Pro-Level Musician 40 yrs exp.  As a Kid He Worked For Bill Graham Presents and In 1989 Played Monterey Pop Fest.  What Has He Done Lately ?? He Has Recently Played With Dave Lombardo, The MISFITS and DRI ...What's a Few More Notches Under His Belt??? When I Was 6, I Already Knew What I Wanted To Do...The Magick Was Always Their For Me. Six Yrs Ago I Joined Twitch Angry and Now We're Partners In Crime...


Kyle "Rawtin" Fannin * 09/30/1990 * instruments played- 11 Actual different instruments mastered. * Drumming for- Twitch Angry band (7 years off and on) *Current set being used- Gun metal grey PDP 8-piece kit with 6 zildian a customs cymbals, vic firth sticks and Pro mark sticks (favorites) * Personal Style- Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Thrash, Punk * Current Band Style- Old school punk/Thrash * Achievements- (2000)graduated adv. schooling, (2003) 4th place in stairway to stardom battle of the bands, (2004) 3rd in Stairway to stardom battle of the bands, (2004) award from "Tim Schmidt" (Bassist of the Eagles) for Voted Most Dedicated, Professional, and Best All around Talent. (2005) 3rd overall in fastest feet competition, (2006) 2nd place overall finalist Fastest feet competition, (2008) 1st Place! Stairway Battle of the bands playing guitar though.

* I have been playing drums since age 2... But professionally (doing gigs, & advanced classes) since age 8 or 9.

* I went to sac state and a.r.c. for advan music courses and classical guitar when I was almost 9 years old. My grandfather was a sound engineer for many famous bands from the mid 70's, to the mid 80's. He got me into the schools with his contacts, and told me I would benefit from it. Well I graduated and am glad I went.

* other than that, my equipment has never really altered much from my many Tama Kit's, my main one being my 1982 swingstar 7-piece with 6-8 Cymbals. I’ve used Sabians, Zildian, and Paiste Cymbals but honestly... I HAVE NEVER MINDED WHAT I HAVE TO PLAY ON. I HAVE ALWAYS CHERISHEDAND APPRECIATED WHAT I HAVE. I’ve used 5gallon buckets at 5 years old and I’ve had shattered drum heads ducked tape over and over, and I’ve had sticks made from toilet plungers, so I'll appreciate anything, and remain dedicated behind any companies that are behind me.

When I was 18 I was introduced to Twitch Angry, or Lance Schultz by a friend . He said he was singing for the HIPA-CHRISTIANS. So He asked if I was still playing guitar, and I was, so I loaded my truck with my Dimebag Warhead Stack and my Gibson Explorer and went off to meet Twitch Angry.

When I arrived in my 1988 Suicidal Tendencies Jersey, and stood in front of this Mohawk sporting, Mike Muir looking Man, I was shocked enough. He gave me the choice of learning the 3 song Demo or his 15 song Demo... I responded with, lets learn the 3 today and the 15 tomorrow. He looked at me and said “you already did." And two days later, I knew all 15. Within a week we played ugliest bar in Citrus Heights ca. It was a blast and I learned allot of the business side of this industry. I learned it from Twitch. I eventually separated from the Hipa-Christians and formed DEADSET. Deadset lasted about 3 1/2 years until I got sober and rejoined Twitch Angry's New Band TWITCH ANGRY. I played drums for him this time since he never knew I could Drum until he saw me in Deadset. I learned every little trick and pattern that the man created. Hell, sometimes I find myself in trance, doing Twitch's moves and poses. 

 Until next time, Ciao.


Michael Stephenson aka MAVEN

I have been Playing since I was 9 years old and I Practiced everyday Until I was 27. I used to just pull People in off The Street with The Sound. One Day I get a Phone Call asking Me if I Wanted to be in a Band, and that Band was Maven. At the time I thought it was the coolist Band in Sacramento, "untill I joined this One" we did The Local Scene and then I Joined The Mighty Twitch Angry and Took off to LA. We Played The Whiskey Agogo, "Criss Angel was at that Show" and we Played a few others. Then the Tour Started and we spent some time with Dave Lombardo and a couple of other Big Name Bands. The Tour went to Arizona which was "Hella Hot" and Back through California with stops in Orange county. But "My all Time Favorite Show" was when we got back Home and Played With The Misfits...I Love This Band.

Hey Everyone,
My name is Darin, but I answer to many names, one of them being MANSON.
I am the Rhythm Guitar player for the Ultra Bad Ass Punk / Metal Band known
as Twitch Angry. I started playing guitar at 17 and began writing my own songs
at 20, shortly after I was 21 I joined a band called Lethal Steel as their Lead
Vocalist and began writing music and lyrics with the band. In 2007 I met Twitch
and life as we know it has not been the same since.
The story goes that we had a few mutual friends but had never met each other,
when he started putting the band together and was looking for players he ran into one of those friends and asked if they knew any guitar players and our
friend said yes they did and gave him my number. Twitch called me, and we
agreed to meet, after we spoke I went to watch them rehearse and brought a
CD of some of the songs I had been working on, when I arrived at the rehearsal. I introduced myself and handed him my CD, the prick didn't even look at the Cover, he tossed it to the side of the room and said " We already have songs "needless to say after listening to one song I said " I'll think about it and get
back to you " not having any plans of talking to him again.
About five or six weeks went by and not giving it any thought at all I ran in to
another one of our mutual friends someone completely different, while I
was outside playing guitar one day, they stopped and asked if I was looking to join a Band because they knew a guy trying to get a band together and gave me His number, wouldn't you fucking know it!?  It's been madness ever since.....
And for all those that ever spoke those two magical words Twitch Angry Thanks for everything.........



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